About Smart

Smart International Schools were founded in 2006 as a kindergarten. It focuses on children’s development in different aspects of life. Smart International Kindergarten, primary and high schools have the same mission as to develop the student’s resourcefulness. We have come up with such a perfect foundation based on a watertight comprehensive system of education and training.

School Management

It consists of a general manager, academic manager, general supervisor as well as qualified and experienced teachers who possess kind attitude towards the students and proper manners so that the students will have a role model and they will easily follow suit.



We have such an academic system that passionately embraces its staff as well as has full control and supervision upon the staff.

The English syllabus was carefully selected to suit our culture and our religion, for it is our professional duty to offer your child the best education that they deserve.

The school has lots of extra subjects such as Arabic, Jurisprudence, Music, Art, Scout, intensive reading (reading for pleasure) and communication subject which is based on daily life basis.




Security and safety are highest priorities and one which is never far from the conscious of all members of the school that each one has a role to play in the implementation of an effective school security strategy. Our school have a basic requirement to safely contain the children in its care during school hours, keeping them protected from unwanted intruders and away from any danger within the confines of the ground. Thus, Smart International Schools are integrated with the most modern security camera system all over its building.




The prevention of fire is of vital importance. Fire outbreak is an expected disaster and it may result is a loss that goes beyond expectation. Therefore, the administration of Smart Schools has given the highest priority to guarding against such a disaster through facilitating the means of customised equipment while having an evacuation strategy towards any sudden emergency.

As equally important, made sure that the administration of safety and civil defense would give a visit every so often in order to conduct the necessary tests for more safety.