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  • Excellence Junior is an Arabic, English, Quranic, Educational, and Quality School. The academic system of Excellence Junior relies on dividing the school’s stageinto two main sections:


    • – Grade 1 to Grade 9 (G1-G9).
    • – The tenth to the twelfth grade (G10-G12).


    The primary objective of the first phase is the solid foundation, built with precision and highly academic professionalism by combining the Sudanese approach and the Cambridge approach:

    Sudanese curriculum materials are:


    • – Arabic language.
    • – Islamic education
    • – Mathematics


    Cambridge Methodology:


    • – English
    • – Math
    • – Science
    • – ICT


    In addition to the materials that Grade 1 to Grade 9 must learn (e.g. History, Geography, French) and others in different stages of study.

    What exams does the student sit for?

    1. The British Checkpoint Certificate in the three subjects (English, Math and Science) in the sixth grade.

    2. Sudanese Basic Certificate Examination (in Arabic) in the 8th or 9th grade according to the proposed Sudanese system.

    3. ESOL exams in English.

  • The student is ideally qualified and balanced from the beginning to take the decision at the end of the eighth or ninth grade according to the new Sudanese system for the type of secondary certificate examination that he wishes, whether:

    1. IGCSE certificate

    2. Sudanese certificate in Arabic

    3. Sudanese certificate in English

    Student is ready for all decisions without having to change materials or school at any stage.

    The ultimate goal is that the student memorizes the Holy Quran completely by the end of the school stage with a parallel system similar to the system of “Kholwa” and a separate follow-up and evaluation system. This makes Excellence a Quranic school.

    The school provides a non-academic program that starts from the first grade; the program consists of:

    1. Educational classes: Classes are divided according to the age of the student to learn behaviors, values, cultural concepts, life skills, social relations, etc.

    2. Co-scholastic activities: It includes sports of all kinds available for all ages, skills, arts such as drawing and music.

    Moreover, the school adopts the internal separation system between girls and boys starting from the fourth grade. We, also,are in preparation for a complete separation in buildings.

    Excellence Junior is a school where there are high expectations of performance for every single member of the school community, including teachers, parents, administration, support staff, and of course students. A place where every member of the school community shares a focus on continuous improvement.And, a place where supports are in place for students, teachers, and parents to make that continuous improvement possible.